SceniQue Concerts & Events Sdn Bhd

A Leading Events Management & Marketing Company.

An established, leading outfit with a strong track record in brand promotions, music events and promotional sales force management. The only integrated music event promotion and sales force management company with well-rounded expertise in multiple facets of promotions and events in a wide range of industries.

Long working relationship with music record label companies.

Connection to leading regional music promoters and artiste management companies

Strong contacts with vendors of supporting services for events, concerts

Event Management
Brand Promotional Events & Activities
Corporate / Brand Launches
Product Roadshows
All Types of Special Events

Concerts & Music Promotion
International / Asian / Local Concerts
Music Festivals
Artist Showcases
Club Events
Innovative Acts /Showcases

Sales & Marketing Support
Sales Agents & Sales Force Management
Mystery Shoppers
Brand Promotions
Training for brand matching and retailer updates
Market Intelligence and Survey Reports

SceniQue Events